Quamzin Kravshera (khyron) wrote in dfw_lj,
Quamzin Kravshera

cheap stuff to see and do in Dallas without a car?

My wife and I are in town for the next five days, visiting for a conference. We don't have a rental car and aren't really interested in getting one...driving around in this heat on unfamiliar interstates doesn't sound like fun. This morning I excitedly learned, after a little Google searching, that we're fairly close to a DART stop on the northwest branch of the green line and that the hotel has a shuttle that can take me there (or even both of us in the evenings when she's free from conference events).

So now I'm trying to put together a list of interesting adventures to have, via rail, over the course of our stay.

I'm fairly adept at exploring unfamiliar cities and we both have smartphones which makes navigating around pretty easy, but in addition to randomly wandering about town I thought I'd ask locals what they'd recommend to someone in our situation? What's "essential" versus "touristy and silly," what's uniquely "Dallas" or "Texan" and not just marketed that way? What stuff about Dallas makes you proud to live here that you wish more outsiders knew about, saw, ate, or did while they're here?

The only caveat is that we're on a pretty cheap budget right now having just made a major move from the east to the west coast. Major sport events, fancy restaurants, stage shows, and the like are probably out of range for this visit. So let's hear it Dallas, when it's 100F degrees out and all you've got is DART fare and a slim budget, what's there to do?

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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